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The history of a Holistic facial massage goes back thousands of years. Facial massage was practised by the Greeks, Indians and Persians, and many of their medical scripts suggest similar massage techniques and benefits as are commonly known and used today. For the Western world, at the beginning of the last century, facial massage was mainly practised by aestheticians. With an increase in Cosmetic products and an ever more increasing need to delay the onset of ageing, the facial treatment has become the most requested treatment along with the body massage.

There are many reasons why our skin ages, some of which include poor nutrition, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol, daily stress and air pollution. Many environmental factors can be improved by making use of beneficial facial products, such as a SPF Factor, protection from Free radicals and a penetrative moisturiser which will keep the skin nourished.

A Holistic facial massage is one of the simplest and effective ways to improve your epidermal layers, rejuvenate your skin and make you feel and look younger and healthier. The correct facial massage concentrates on the upper body, neck, head and face. The use of the organic skincare products called 'Celebrity Red Carpet Skincare' aids and improves the process of the facial massage, and a regular home after-care regime needs to be established for maximum results.

It efficiently improves the skin quality and texture by using structured massage moves which increases the activity of the Lymphatic system in eliminating waste. The process of cleanse, tone, mask and moisturiser, works on the principle of removing the dead cells and stimulating the growth of healthy and firm skin. It helps to reduce the age marks and softens the fine lines, increasing the collagen content of the skin. It leaves the skin hydrated and with an acceleration of new, fresh skin cells being brought to the surface.

The Holistic facial massage is usually done by applying gentle pressure using your fingers resulting in the relief of tension and reduction of overall stress leading to improvement in the skin appearance. In addition to reducing tension other benefits of facial massage include tightening of muscle tone in the facial area, relief of eyestrain, reduction the effects of stress and anxiety as well as overall feeling of relaxation.

An important part of any massage is being comfortable, the best results can be achieved if your body is relaxed and your mind is calm.

Often, you may never be truly aware of what goes into your facial products. Depending on the chemicals present, they can potentially cause allergies, skin irritations, premature ageing, nausea, depression, and have even been linked with cancer. When using organic products you can relax, knowing that your body is being exposed to only the best ingredients taken from nature, which have not been treated with chemicals or tested on animals. Natural ingredients carry minimal risk of aggravating sensitive skin and have amazing properties which have been utilised for centuries.

The basis of an organic cream is that if you are prepared to put it on your face and have it absorbed into your bloodstream, then it should be safe enough to eat!!

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