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Fashion Presenter and Red Carpet Host


Deborah Jay Kelly

Fabulos Magazine

Managing Editor for Fabulos Magazine

Deborah has 27 years of Media experience. Deborah Jay Kelly is a well-known celebrity featured regularly on tv, radio, magazine and national newspapers. What people do not realise is that her career has spanned some 27 years starting as a junior journalist,  responsible for launching numerous newspapers and magazines as group advertising director, producing content and voicing commercials for a nationally recognised radio station which was a leading pirate station that was given a legal licence. Creating some of the first 0891 televised competitions on channel 4, channel 5, sky tv (42 channels),cable networks, and magazine such as ok magazine, owning her own advertising agency at the age of 30, being featured on tv shows since she was 17 years old and being heavily involved in property investment which led to a turnover in the region of millions of pounds.

‘I am always inventing new concepts. I was one of the first agencies to integrate tv station with premium rate and tour operator to produce an all win money making enterprise’.  This led to this idea being utilised by ‘stars in their eyes’ and the breakfast show ‘good morning’.

She now spends her time as a Reality TV Actress, Fashion Presenter, Red Carpet Host, Model, Catwalk, Latin American Dance Instructor, Beauty School Owner, IQA, Assessor and International Trainer, VIP Pageant Judge. Having has 8 books published she is currently writing her ninth. ‘There is not much that I won’t or can’t do. In fact, the challenges that are out of my comfort zone have proved to be the most incredible experiences’. One of these was to win the CURRENT Pageant Title for Mrs British Empire 2017 and to be Nominated and Awarded ‘Best Fashion Presenter’ 2019.

Having worked as a part-time model, dancer and actress since I was 17, being in front of a camera are natural for me. I have been the ‘Presenter and Host’ of the Islamabad Fashion Week, a Guest Speaker at numerous Events, Singer in a Jazz Band, Author and Red Carpet Interviewer.

I am versatile and can fit in anywhere quickly and comfortably. My School ‘The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training’ is featured regularly on high profile TV shows. ‘We must always push past our boundaries of comfort if we want to make an impact and effect change as very little is achieved within our comfort zone’!!


Deborah Jay Kelly

Fashion Presenter and Red Carpet Host

How did you get involved in fashion presenting and as a celebrity red carpet host?

I have always worked heavily for charity and modelling. As a journalist and a public speaker, it was a natural progression for me. I organised a charity fashion show at the age of 20 and this started a long-standing career with fashion designers, tv channels, models and entrepreneurs. As I have got older I have established a large client base and am even busier than ever which is a real blessing to me. I have always worked in and adored fashion.

HAVING BEEN AN INTROVERT DUE TO PAST ILLNESS AND WEARING MY FIRST SET OF FALSE EYELASHES AT The age of 44, I don’t think any of the audiences I have presented to throughout the world would ever realise that I suffered a true sense of worthlessness.

I believe that this is what made me grow and to develop empathy for all humans whatever their colour, creed, race, gender or sexual inclination. This is what I thrive on when I stand on a stage in front of 100’s and sometimes 1000’s of people I do not know.

Fortunately for me, these people have embraced me and I am forever thankful. I am now able to walk on stage without a script or any previous prepping, I can improvise and pick up a cue very quickly.Being a red carpet host is so much fun, I get to interview incredible people and am never phased by them or their successes. I want to bring out the best in every person that I interview and if you treat a person with respect in the way that they want to be treated they are always honourable.

As a tv actress have you always been able to choose how you are portrayed?

I have been extremely lucky in my ability to control how I have been portrayed and to uphold my reputation. I have appeared on a few controversial tv shows such as Towie and ashley banjo’s secret street crew with quite a tongue in cheek humour as I think it is important to not take yourself too seriously and always enjoy what you do.

Best Female TV Personality Award 2017 at International Achievers Awards



My aim always is to help to bring  people together for a good cause, to integrate nations and to allow people to be important and to fulfil their dreams. There is so much suffering in the world and it is easy to feel powerless to help. I can only try to change my world and the world of those around me so I involve myself in as many charity events as I can to publisise them and spread the word. I am currently the London ambassador for ladies of all nations and have worked with:-

Marie Curie Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, Cancel Cancer Africa, Mind, Diabetes Africa, Sierre Leone Refuge, Ebola, Tibetan Mud Slides, Indian Premature Born Children (I purchased an incubator), Tsunami African Orphanage, PDSA, RSPCA, Sponsorship of Homeless Children, Pattaya Orphanage.Disasters Emergency, Southend Hospital and many others.

I was subsequently awarded the ‘Best Charity Supporter’ Award at Miss London Borough Pageants 2015’


I launched my academy in 2003 as a result of having suffered a truly debilitating illness. At first it focused mainly on rehabilitation and therapy as this had been where my expertise lay due to my illness. We then branched out into beauty. My academy is unique, there is nothing similar. Teaching often takes place at a salon or spa, and often in my home with very small class numbers or one to one. Being ex-college I felt that there had been too much emphasis on retention figures and teacher led courses. I felt that courses should always put the student first and be relative to each student and their own specific needs.

I am an IQA (internal quality assurance officer) and our courses with the  are similar to a degree level with international recognition. Our students come from all over VTCT AND NVQ the world often with English as their second language and they complete their courses successfully every time. I am proud of this.

Having worked for a college with multi-cultural students I continued this theme and often work in birmingham/manchester and liverpool where I have been recognised with many awards.

My plans are to launch several more aesthetic beauty courses to my school ‘the angel academy of teaching and training’ that includes botox/fillers, lasers and mesotherapy.

Best Training Provider at Liverpool Fashion & Beauty Awards 2017

Winner of ‘Business Innovation of the Year’ 2017 at International Achievers Awards


Deborah Jay Kelly

Beauty and Skincare Expert

The Truth Behind Skin Care: The skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs much of what is placed on it and also interfaces with the environment. Research has shown that up to 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream.
In a lifetime we will come into contact with approximately 75,000 chemicals many of which have never been properly tested on humans, which have come into play in the last half century. We absorb a great number of these new synthetic chemicals from our food, our toiletries, and our own immediate environment. There has been a dramatic increase in cases of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, various allergies and cancers which we believe are inextricably linked with our lifestyle.

By choosing to use natural, organic ingredients on the skin, you make a choice to minimise exposure to potentially harmful ingredients.

 More research than ever is available on the ingredients used in well-known skin-care brands on the market today. By law, they are expected to display their list of ingredients on their packaging. If they do not, you are at liberty to ask. Many ingredient names have been changed in order to make it difficult for the public to ascertain where it originates from. When in doubt, look up the ingredient first.

Celebrity Red Carpet Skincare nourishes the skin, gives astounding results and is chemical free. Most of the range is VEGAN**

Free from Carcinogenic ingredients such as: Propylene Glycol and Parabens.

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